Some things to do before you buy Soundcloud plays to promote yourself

soundcloud-playsFor any aspiring and young musician, SoundCloud is the perfect platform for the purpose of showcasing their musical talent to a global audience. Using SoundCloud, users from different corners of the world can quite easily upload songs and music of their own creation, and promote themselves to a musically literate audience as a young musician or composer. Anyone who understands music knows the importance of good songs and quality music, produced by young and fresh artists, and this likability inspires the young budding musicians to come up with some of the finest creations in modern music, which are good to listen to, and even sometimes carry a message.
But before an artist’s creating receives the proper praise and recognition that it deserves, the artist needs to be a known name and figure for all those who use SoundCloud regularly for their musical entertainment. An artist’s profile should be well known among other listeners, and should even be good to look at, so that people who make their decisions simply based on looks will also be attracted to a certain profile.
Without proper promotion and marketing, working on a track and then uploading it would be futile. So it is advisable that before the first track is uploaded, an artist should first invite other users to like his or her page, so that users can first know about the type of music being produced, or where the artist is from, or what he has done in his past which is worthy of remembrance. Attracting users to your profile takes a lot of time, but if you are in a hurry, there are other paths available for you to take as well. Given below are some essential tips that you can use to make your profile more popular and visible to other users before you buy Soundcloud plays. Read on to find out more.
Setting an attractive username
Choosing a nice, interesting and attractive username for your SoundCloud profile is extremely important. Your username is something by which other SoundCloud users will locate your profile with the help of the SEARCH feature provided on the site and app. Keeping the username attractive yet simple is also imperative, as, in case of a complicated choice, other listeners might not be able to find you that easily. Always remember that you want SoundCloud users to be a fan of your music and your creation, not your creative username. So concentrate on your music and buy Soundcloud plays accordingly.
The idea is to ensure that your profile is more searchable than any other competing musician on SoundCloud. So, to do this, you need to make use of Capital letters, symbols, spaces, etc. so that your avid listeners on SoundCloud can easily locate you and play your songs as many times as they want.
An attractive profile interface goes a long way
Using artwork and creative images on the profile page is allowed by SoundCloud for all its budding, young and talented musicians. This very unique feature of adding creating artwork on the profile page gives every SoundCloud musician the opportunity to be easily searchable by music lovers and avid listeners alike. Such a creative look for a musician’s profile also ensures that followers will check the profile page on a regular basis, which will cause an increase in the number of song plays. So try hypeoid before you buy Soundcloud plays.
Backlinks to your social media profiles
If you want to ensure proper recognition and appraisal of your musical genius among avid listeners and regularly active SoundCloud users, then it would wise for you to share your social media links on your SoundCloud account or profile page. Let people know that you are willing to share your personal life with your listeners as well, so that they do not consider you to be some sort of hotshot celebrity. Even if you get a million song plays, after you buy Soundcloud plays and promote your music to other listeners, people need to know and understand that you are one of them.
Staying in the SPOTLIGHT
With the all new SPOTLIGHT feature on SoundCloud, every new young and talented musician can always stay in the spotlight. Using this feature, they can pin their own favorite songs on their profile page, so that their fans and followers can listen to the songs without having to open the entire song list of an artist.
This one simple feature helps in the consistent increase of song plays on a musician’s SoundCloud profile, without having to buy Soundcloud plays regularly, as well as increasing the number of times songs are downloaded by listeners and fans.
With this tool, young and budding musicians can make it a point to spread and promote their songs and other musical creations to a global audience. SoundCloud is home to millions of users from different parts of the world, so, as said earlier, it is the perfect spot to promote your music, and even inspire younger musicians to come up with their own musical creations and bask in the spotlight that SoundCloud provides.
You would be wise to allow your fans and followers to download at least 50% of your uploaded song list. We understand that getting song plays is essential for earning popularity and recognition on the SoundCloud platform, but for a musician, it is more important that his or her music is heard in all corners of the world. When a user downloads a track he likes, he will share the same with a friend, and so on, and so forth. This is the finest method of free music promotion you can come up with, besides the idea to buy Soundcloud plays.
All these music promotion techniques are sure to provide adequate results for any young and talented musician trying to make a name for himself or herself. But in case these promotions fall short in some phase, then you always choose to buy Soundcloud plays. There are several websites that allow you to buy a certain number of song plays for SoundCloud for the purpose of boosting your profile.